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Over 17 Years of Building Advanced Real Estate Projects

Starting in 2001, we were asked to build several online startups that resulted in several successful online companies that resulted in these companies being profitable in their first year. Work regarding these online startups was meant to compete with the major real estate sites of the era. We also partnered on behalf of our clients with major data vendors to get the information to display on these sites and the reports we created.

Cedar-One Realty


The Netbuilder Pro is the core for all of our development projects. Our content management s UF stem features bridges the gap missing from the front end of most  MLS IDX company's websites. Netbuilder Pro is a CMS that has been continually maintained and advanced for the past 20 years. Netbuilder Pro's Advanced Modules makes it possible to easily make updates to the site and has valuable modules that improve both the marketing and management of leads we capture from the site. 


Our CMS is integrated with key Google and Real Estate API'S that we make available to ALL Our Realtors.  Concepts like this make it possible for smaller realtors to have the site they need without high monthly costs. No I-frames or a templated site. You choose what details you want to display. 

All our sites are custom built providing for that special experience to site visitors, showcasing not only your business but also your client's properties. Our pricing models are much different than other MLS-IDX providers. A quick call and a 30-minute web conference will answer all your questions.

We can help you only if you let us!
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