Q. What do you use for Hosting?

A. We host on Windows 2019 Servers.

Q. Does Morgan IDS use a CDN for websites?

A. WE use Cloudflare CDN for all our clients websites. Cloudflare provides DNS from worldwide edge servers, and we utilize their bot and many other security and speed services. We manage all client accounts on Cloudflare.

Q. What TCP protocols does Morgan IDS use?

A. Morgan IDS use http2 and http3 TCP protocols.

NetbuilderPro CMS


Q. What APIs are built into Netbuilder CMS?

A. Netbuilder Pro supports Google API’s for maps, directions, push notifications, reviews and captcha.
We also support Reso Webapi and  Folloupboss CRM and several payment modules.

Q. Who Owns Netbuilder Pro?

A. Netbuilder Pro is a Windows based CMS that was first programmed in 1998 in Asp. It has been continually maintained and advanced since then in C# Net. It is solely owned by Morgan IDS Inc.

Q. Can I maintain my new site myself?

A. Yes. We provide free training for those that wish to learn and plan on doing frequent updates. Small businesses that have occasional updates, we will do for free. Netbuilder Pro was designed so people can easily learn and remember how to manage.
The software updates requires no coding knowledge.

Q. Why has Morgan IDS spent so much time and expense to maintain CMS software?

A. The Internet continues to grow technically at a fast pace. When We started, there were no Dynamic Server run website builders, so we built one. Those technical issues involved complex programming, which we felt the best able to handle.
Today’s version of Netbuilder Pro meets today’s strict standards, with many features and platform functions not available in other software.

Q. Why did you title your FAQ section How to build a website FAQ?

A. We wanted to answer the many questions, and they were all related to our approach to website building and programming. It is the software that needs to meet today’s requirements to rank and do well in search. The design and site content is an important issue, but is driven by the programming platform.

Q. What makes Netbuilder Pro unique with all the new platforms available today?

A. Netbuilder Pro with its many features were all built by our programming team. Current programming standards were applied to make it secure with each plugin or function designed, so our clients can update and use. Other companies have allowed programmers to build plugins on their platforms and resulted in work based on their skill level and created many issues for the companies and their clients. 

Q. How does Netbuilder Pro prevent form spam?

A. Reducing website form spam has become a necessary and important issue for website owners.
We use Google CAPTCHA on all forms. We validate form fields both on user side and server side. Furthermore, we maintain code to block spam software.