Service Policy

We maintain a private Hosting network for the benefit of our clients.

Billing Policy

Morgan IDS Inc customers are expected to abide by all terms and policies, violation of terms can and will cause termination of the account. You are subject to Morgan IDS Inc. Terms of Service (TOS) which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you. We are thankful for our great customers and their support for our services. There is no issue that can\'t be resolved with a simple polite phone call.

Please be advised: The url for this page is sent with every invoice. People are obliged to read because these rules apply to all accounts,

Morgan IDS Inc reserves the right to require automatic credit card payments plus an additional processing fee or termination of services.

All content and pictures for projects must sent to Morgan IDS Inc within 1 month of signing the contract. Exceptions are made for large projects where the development is ongoing. If this information is not received then the client will be responsible for any final payment(s) and Morgan IDS Inc will relinquish any responsibilities to complete the website.

It is understood and accepted that invoices for hosting or account balances will be sent by email with logins where accounts can be paid by credit card or Paypal, or a check can be sent. PDFs of invoices and payments are provided. All payments are due when invoiced.

Clients must notify Morgan IDS Inc 60 days in advance if they intend to change services to another company.


Hosting fees are exceptionally low so we normally bill yearly. Less work for everyone. If payment is not received this will result in the termination of the website. The website may be put back up upon receipt of the full payment and any late fees that are due. If payments are consistently late Morgan IDS Inc reserves the right to discontinue hosting and receive all back payments and late fees.

Adult content or any other inappropriate content will result in immediate website hosting termination and will not be reinstated.

Payment Options

Morgan IDS Inc accepts all major credit cards, direct bank transfer, checks, PayPal and cash(not via mail).


If payment is not made by the due date (10 days after invoice date) then a 1.5% plus $15.00 late fee will be added to the bill.

If payment for website hosting or other work exceeds 60  days past due then the website will be suspended and all emails, content, pictures, graphics become the property of Morgan IDS Inc and a minimum $50 charge will be added. Sites will be reinstated on payment of all fees and penalties that were added.  Copyright laws apply when money is owed. Nothing can can moved to a new site till an account is paid in full. 

This policy is non-negotiable.

Site Suspension

Account suspension resulting from non-payment or violation of terms of service, Morgan IDS Inc will remove all files, including graphics, photographs, files, unread emails. Suspension fees are $50.00 per site application or domain/subdomain.

A fee of 30.00 per hour or part of an hour will be charged for preparing site code to be sent to the client.

Site Ownership

When you purchase a website from Morgan IDS Inc our proposal honors your rights to all files, images, content is your property. If terms are violated or payment is not made Morgan IDS Inc retains ownership of the website, related materials, emails, etc.

Sites under construction and being presented to clients for review during development are on the Morgan IDS Domain and are copyright protected for Morgan ids Inc. No content is to be copied or used till final payment is made or client receives a written release from their signed contract.

Site Content

Morgan IDS Inc does not assume any responsibility for the content of websites created or modified by Morgan IDS. All graphics, photographs, text, video and any other material are the responsibility of the client. The client assumes all responsibility for their Website content. It is the responsibility of the client to provide the required information for a new site. This info needs to be provided within 30 days by any best and easiest method possible by the client. This can be by CD, email or uploading to our support system.

Documents and Photographs

All documents and photographs that are given to Morgan IDS Inc to be used for designs will not be returned so please make copies. We will make a copy of the content and will always attempt to return the originals but takes no responsibility if the property is damaged, lost, stolen or not returned.

Legal Notice

This applies to all companies/clients regardless of type of work. 

All agreements shall be construed with and governed by the substantive laws of the State of Ohio. Should any claim or controversy arise between the Parties under the terms of from written proposals withclients or this Agreement, such claim or controversy shall be resolved only in Jefferson County , State of Ohio. Jefferson County small claims court shall be the only appropriate jurisdiction and venue for such claim or controversy.

We Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal