Consulting and Development Topic Expertise

Choosing the right software and team to design your project.

Understanding the large role analytics plays in search engine ranking. Which pages or product get the most traffic. How much of your traffic is good traffic?  What is the bounce rate on your homepage?

Business Branding
Making your brand visible on search engines. Reducing the cost of doing business with our extensive use of technology.

Small Business Needs
Is it possible to take shortcuts with a website and it still be successful? Is it possible to maintain control over costs? Is Morgan IDS competitive with pricing?

What role does Internet Marketing play in small businesses?

Business Metrics
Understanding and analyzing business performance in search engines.


Consulting always starts with a review of the project and the client's goals for the project. One would think all small businesses have the same goals, but they don't. Sites do many jobs. They provide marketing, product support, sell products, and much more. There is, however, a need to complete a list for all projects that outlines these goals. Our consulting is not limited to the projects we develop but also clients who need assistance with there current issues. We can analyze any project or software development, providing step by step changes needed.

Development Teams 

Our development teams possess a wide variety of Internet Expertises. Ranging from which programs or services to use, site security, hosting, social implementations, email, graphic design, print, and site design. We program in all major languages. If you want a feature, we develope it.

Technology plays an enormous role in site ranking. Mobile speed is the primary algorithm for site ranking. There is a massive list of requirements needed, and our CMS is designed to contain them. Our technology includes the use of:

  • CDN
  • HTTP2 and Push Promise
  • Minified and Combined CSS and JS
  • Secure Headers
  • Gzip
  • Header Caching

New Projects

New projects are set up with all modules, so sites will easily rank in search engines. We will discuss and finalize all the details related to your project. Fortunately, the programs we suggest possess the technologies and the strict guidelines wanted by the Search Engines, which reduces the hours necessary to complete the project. Small businesses need the tools used by big business, so we provide them. 

Analytical Skills 

Analytics is set up for all sites so they can visualize their traffic. Analytics is needed to track not only traffic to the website but flow through a website by a user. Analytics can track traffic (ROI) to the site from marketing campaigns. Analysis of this traffic tells us how we can modify sites to build the brand, concentrate on search terms that work for your business and text modifications to improve user approval of the site. All websites need to perform and rank in the Search Engines. Google and Bing business directories are set up for all projects. Recently these search engines have made it easier to promote sites in local search. Images are posted like Facebook, and we can manage how your website appears in the search engine listing when searched.

Site Content

Content is still king to rank in search engines. Sites cannot be all beautiful images, and they need to be balanced with text. We stress the need to build a website around your business, history, and traditions. It needs to be your content, not a rewritten copy of some other company in your business niche. Many of our specialized modules have been designed to balance text with images and build organic ranking naturally.  We have modules that automate marketing.  These modules are easy to learn, providing a way to update your site easily. 

Let us help build you a new site or modernize your outdated site.