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Our Flash FSO'S are unique, funny, entertaining and tell a story or promote a product all wrapped up in a single solution.

Flash Sprite Overlays for HTML Webpages

Our flash animations are very versatile and can be used for telling jokes or explaining information about your website to your website visitors. They can be used to provide instructions or an overview of your website. They can also be used in promoting a product or announce special event on your website.

Sample Sprite

Dog and Cat Sprite

Elements of a sprite

View Sprites

To view sample FSOs please click on the character images below.

Bird Sprite Mouse Sprite Frog Sprite Dog and Cat Sprite Fish Sprite Rabbit Sprite Rabbit Sprite

Scope of sprites

  • Marketing.
  • Announcement of events.
  • Promoting website special areas.
  • Attractive & spontaneous
  • Voice communication.

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