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MORGAN IDS builds websites with clean secure code and provides absolutely the best customer service.

We have been developing Internet technologies since 1996.

Morgan IDS Inc. is a full service Internet development company that started business in 1996. Since that time we have continually expanded our services and developement platforms. Our core business is custom programming in .Net but over the years have expanded into PHP and Java.

We build shopping carts, web portals and social networking sites.

Our development teams have extensive experience building shopping carts and web portals of all types. We have stong skill sets in XML, Ajax, Jquery and other tools.

We have also worked on various projects including the building of Payment Processing Modules in Miva Merchant, Perl, Ruby . In addition, we have worked on and built Plugins in WordPress and Joomla.

Our code is HackerSafeTM compliant with proper Validation and Error handling.

We work to make our programs as safe as possible. We subscribe to McafeeTM to ensure that we resolve all anomalies in our programs. We have custom error pages built in our programs so that sensitive information is not displayed in browser. User input are properly validated so that our programs are safe from Cross Scripting and SQL Injection attacks.

We have worked on projects started by other companies.

When developing WEB projects we use the synergy of our expertize to benefit our partners. Our experienced developement team has rescued many large project started by other companies.

Mobile Browsers

Since mobile usage is increasing day by day, we can help you to take your website to the next step as well. We can create mobile webview pages that are compatible with mobile browsers so that the visitors that are visiting your website don\'t have to tap too much to zoom-in and see the content of your webpage. Mobile webview pages help your website to reach thousands of visitors across the globe.


We have been developing in .NET since it was called a new technology. Our experience in developing custom websites in .NET includes desktop applications and web applications. We have created credit card processors in .NET and ALOHA POS. Our expertise in .NET includes C#, ASP.NET and VB.NET.


We develope in several frameworks of PHP and have built and customized numerous websites and their supporting plugins.

Joomla and Wordpress

We provide support for Joomla and WordPress websites. We can develop custom plugins and also work to customize the existing plugins to fulfill your site requirements.

Along with other features we make sure that our programs follow White Hat SEO Techniques. We use SEO Friendly urls using Mod Rewrite. Urls of the pages are easy to remember and are meaningful to search engines.

We Accept Visa,Mastercard,Discover,American Express and Paypal