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Your one-stop internet existance solution

Provides a complete management solution for your car sales website requirements

Template base design

Our application makes it possible to furnish your website with any design you wish . Our program supports custom templates including the use of HTML 5, HTML, and CSS based templates and Flash templates.

Unlimited Car and Site Pages. Flash Slide show on car details pages

You can showcase as many cars as you like. Plus, you can add multiple images for your car that automatically go into a slide show player on the details page that show all the images in an interactive manner. You can add as many details as you have for your cars. Along with car pages you can also add pages to your website like about us, privacy policy, etc.

CMS - All content is stored in database

Our car sales softwaregives you ability to add virtually any number of cars and website pages, categories and sub categories. Menues and site map are expanded automatically as you build your site.

SEO friendly URLs that are easy to remember

Your page titles will be urls of your webpage. Since all search engines love urls that are meaningful, we give you option to give your page a meaningful url. This option not only helps in search engine rankings but also help visitors to remember the url of your webpages.

Hacker SafeTM compliant

Since SQL Injection, Cross scripting attacks are threat to website security. We strive hard to keep our software as safe as possible. For this purpose we have been using Hacker Safe service by McAfee that do hacking simulation on the website and suggest updates. Our software will give you peace of mind because you will know that it is safe from sql injection, cross scripting attacks and other forms of attacks.

Automatic XML Sitemap generation

To aid in search engine optimization we have built an option in our shopping cart so it generates xml sitemaps automatically. You will just have to submit them to search engines. It will increase your website visibility to the search engines so they will know each and every page on your website. Our programs include an advanced SEO module to manage the metatags on every page.

Can add any content to your site including Youtube videos, Google maps, etc

Our website HTML Editor supports adding features like YouTube videos,Google maps or you can use these options to create your own media galleries.

Photo gallery and video gallery support on demand

We have built a photo gallery and a video gallery for our car sales portal that can be included to your website if you need them. You will be able to upload them straight from our website back-office.

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