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Your Internet Shopping Cart Solution

We provide experience development in many existing e-commerce solutions as well as open-source content management systems.  Word press using WOO-Cart. Magento and Nopcommerce are just a few. Nopcommerce is a superior ecommerce platform easily managed by clients and easily optimized by us for performance. Check out our infographic on needed features for a cutting web development solution.

Template base design

Our application makes it possible to furnish your website with any design you wish . Our program supports custom templates including the use of HTML 5, HTML, and CSS based templates and Flash templates.

You can add unlimited products and pages

Our shopping cart gives you ability to add virtually any number of products and website pages, categories and sub categories. Menues and site map are expanded automatically as you build your site.

Credit card support including AUTHORIZE.NET, PAYPAL PRO, PAYPAL STANDARD

Our software support a number of credit card processors. Along with that we are AUTHORIZE.NET certified. We have also implemented PAYPAL PRO, PAYPAL STANDARD into our shopping cart, that can be enabled through our website administration area. Plus we can build plugin to any credit card processor available that you might want to use in your website.

Our shopping cart support Offline Payments (Bill me later)

Our shopping cart support Offline payments (Bill me later). When you use this option then your customers have to add their credit card information which is stored by using a complex encryption routine. And you can bill them later at the end of the day or whenever your business model say that you should.

Shipment calculation using USPS, UPS, FEDEX

We have build components into our shopping cart that automatically calculates shipping rates in realtime using USPS, UPS, and or FEDEX. You can enable all of the shopping modules so that your customers can select the cheapest rate, or you can enable just your prefered modules.

EBAY and AMAZON Support

Our shopping cart supports the ability to post your products to EBAY and AMAZON. All you have to do is to click on the respected link for EBAY and AMAZON, and select your products and hit post my products And you are done. You maintain your EBAY and AMAZON store with your website.

CMS - All content is stored in database

Our shopping cart is supported by a Content Management System (CMS) that is copyrighted to our company, Morgan IDS Inc. All of your website pages will be stored into the database that is accessible through a menu system. The back-office of our shopping cart permits you to organize your website using a browser.

SEO friendly URLs that are easy to remember

Your page titles will be urls of your webpage. Since all search engines love urls that are meaningful, we give you option to give your page a meaningful url. This option not only helps in search engine rankings but also help visitors to remember the url of your webpages.

Hacker SafeTM compliant

Since SQL Injection, Cross scripting attacks are threat to website security. We strive hard to keep our software as safe as possible. For this purpose we have been using Hacker Safe service by McAfee that do hacking simulation on the website and suggest updates. Our software will give you peace of mind because you will know that it is safe from sql injection, cross scripting attacks and other forms of attacks.

Automatic XML Sitemap generation

To aid in search engine optimization we have built an option in our shopping cart so it generates xml sitemaps automatically. You will just have to submit them to search engines. It will increase your website visibility to the search engines so they will know each and every page on your website. Our programs include an advanced SEO module to manage the metatags on every page.

Can add any content to your site including Youtube videos, Google maps, etc

Our website gives you a support of HTML Editor in our administration area. You can add any content on your web page by using that. You can add script to include a youtube video, or you can even add google map to show where you are located. Or you can use these options to create your own media galleries to share content with your website visitors.

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