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Google Mobile Update is Here

Google Mobile Update Is Here!     4/22/2015 Today is the official release date for Google t

Google Mobile Update Is Here!     4/22/2015

Today is the official release date for Google to begin rolling out their new mobile update.  

If your website is not considered mobile-friendly to Google's standards, you can anticipate taking a noticeable hit in your search engine rankings in the mobile search engine.Google makes no guarantees as to how this will affect your site, but it is best to be prepared. On our sites in general we have noticed as much as 45 percent of our traffic from mobile devices

Tools For Mobile Testing:

Begin by taking Google's official mobile-friendly test here.  To receive similar insights and updates direct from Google, be sure you've registered your website with Google Webmaster Tools.  You should also used Google Insights Speed Tool to check speed for both web and mobile versions of your site.

Quick Test

For a quick view, open up your website in Google's Chrome browser. 

  1. Use your mouse to right-click on the page and select “Inspect Element”  in your right-click menu. From here, some of your web page code should populate with a colored bar across the top. Mine is grey.
  2. On the left of that bar, next to the search icon, you'll find a mobile phone icon. Click here to view your site as a mobile device would view it.
  3. The objective of the mobile view is to have your site easily readable and site site features visible without scrolling or pinching screen to increase site text. 
  4. Use the Devices tab at the top of this page to select varying models. 
  5. Click the mobile phone icon again to exit. 

We can help with mobile updates!

Morgan IDS can help with necessary updates to your site. Simply click here to request a free quote.

You can always give us a call. The call and the consult is always free.   Call : 1.877.498.5999

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